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Erkan Coruh won Vogue’s prestigious ‘Who is on Next’ competition at Rome and Milan. Large images and videos of his sketches, look book and backstage film’s were projected on the surface of a large box. These are interactive by scrolling the hands left or right.

Concept & Design:
Quy Sam

Technical Installation:
Nima Gazestani

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This is a short demo from the 10 minutes proposal for Painting your city, mapping project at the Piazza Campidoglio, Rome.

Storyboard & Sound Design:
Quy Sam

Technical Installation:
Giorgio Rinolfi

Comune di Roma    

io interactive

Animated banner inside the ‘Vietnamonamour Restuarant’.

Concept & Sound Design:
Quy Sam

3D Animation:
Studio Luc & Si, Istanbul.

Technical Installation:
Nima Gazestani and Hermes.

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When you hear the word “creative”, what type of profession comes to mind? Maybe a graphic designer, painter, sculptor, illustrator, or writer? It’s unlikely that you would consider a “programmer” when thinking of creative fields of work. But programmers have the potential to be creative and come up with ideas or concepts that will impact others in positive ways… >>

Quy & N1ente got their honoury mention on Smashing Magazine from the article “Beautiful Motion Graphics created with programming: Showcase, Tools and Tutorials.”

Art & Music:
Quy Sam

Art & VVVV:
Giorgio Rinolfi

3D Artist:
Super Luca, Mattia and Roberto.

Giorgio Rinolfi and Quy Sam’s performance on Castel dell’Ovo in Napoli is a tale of the city in five acts. The main characters of the work are the feelings connected to the experiences of a city like Napoli.
From the mapping of the iconic building, the performance draws an instinctive and primordial path that starts with a Heartbeat..

Il lavoro creato da Giorgio Rinolfi e Quy Sam su Castel dell’Ovo a Napoli è un racconto della città in cinque atti. Protagonisti, tuttavia, non sono fatti e persone, ma piuttosto le sensazioni che si provano confrontandosi con una città come Napoli.
Si parte dalla mappatura di un edificio icona della città, per comunicare un percorso istintivo e primordiale che comincia con il battito di un Cuore..

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Marco Iannelli

Sound Design:
Quy Sam & Marco Iannelli

Marco Iannelli & Quy Sam aka Mr Q composed the soundtrack for ‘ No Gravity’ a contemporary dance show based on movements performed in vertigo. The show had a 3 weeks sell-out at the Teatro Nationale in Milan. The public demanded more, so it has resulted in a european tour.

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WHO_MAN Virtual paths.. encounters.. of real lives.

The installation was exhibit in several theatres in the north of Italy. The subject is a conflict between green and blue, which transforms between various appearences of human relations through body movements and communications of hate, envy, lust and love..

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